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How to make a self-cleaning aquarium in 2022: A step by step guide

We will discuss today about the features making self-cleaning aquarium. Assembling aquariums is a beautiful hobby, and it increases your home beautification too. But, maintaining a fish tank regularly is a hard task to do. The people, who are busy with their professional life also found difficulties managing time for aquarium maintenance.


Thus we recommend you prepare a self-cleaning fish tank with plants to manage your busy life and hobby. By making a self-cleaning aquarium, you may find unlimited freedom while you are on a tour. 


So, owning a self-cleaning aquarium is a significant matter for hassle-free life. For this, we are sharing with you How to make a self-cleaning aquarium; within a few steps to the next.

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Essential Components for Making a Self-cleaning Aquarium

To make a self-cleaning aquarium, you must need a few things in your hand. They are less costly, but they are an essential part of making an aquarium. The details are in the next part of this article for you.


A Fish Tank

The first component of an aquarium is the tank, which can start making a complete aquarium. Moreover, you need to decide the size of a fish tank that you want to buy. Thus, the size of the tank is a crucial issue for your home. We recommend a 30 – 200 gallon water capacity for a fish tank.



You cannot use general water for your aquarium. You need to adjust the temperature, pH level, and saltness of your water. Try to use a good quality water self sustaining aquarium kit to adjust the water quality.


Plants & Trees

Some plants are good for producing natural food for baby fishes. The small livestock likes playing around with plants and trees inside an aquarium. You can use Java Moss, Java Fern, Anubias for your aquarium planting.


A Substrate

A source of soil, sand, or gravel is a must for preparing a self-made aquarium. The aquarium needs to produce enough bacteria inside the water for fish. Without bacteria, the fish can not live for a long time.


Oxygen Filter

A filter has two types of roles in an aquarium to play. It can produce oxygen for fishes, besides it can keep clean water. So, try to purchase a good quality filter that is durable in performance to generate oxygen.



Though marine life is not all about lighting, you have to use lights for your aquarium. You do not need any exceptional light source, but need to use artificial UV lights. You can purchase them from any store that sells aquarium accessories.


Other Decors

Including plants and lights, you can purchase some different types of playable toys for your fish. To buy aquarium toys, you have to be careful about pollution-free and rust-proof toys.



You are making a fish tank, and it is incomplete without any fish or other livestock. So, according to your tank size, type, and capacity you can purchase different types of fish. 

The process of making a self-cleaning aquarium

After purchasing all the components of making a self-cleaning aquarium, you can start the process of making it. To start working, you can follow the below steps:


Step 1:

First, clean your fish tank with a soft cloth to keep your livestock safe. Thus, the new fish create dirt and cause harmful issues for the animals.


Step 2:

After cleaning the body of the aquarium tank, you need to make substrate with the purchased sand, soil, or gravel. If you buy the ready mix for making substrate, you will get a nice texture from it.


Step 3:

Well-treated water with suitable elements helps the fish to live enthusiastically. You can use a bucket to fill the tank with purified water. Note that the water is the initial food for the livestock, so do not hesitate to fulfill the tank.


Step 4:

Next, you can put your plants on the sand which plants suit your aquarium. Moss, Farn, lotus plants look pretty enough with a fresh and greenish appearance. 


Step 5:

Cycling the water tank is a crucial part of making a self-cleaning aquarium. Before putting fish, you must ensure the ecosystem aquarium of your tank. Without cycling, the fish can not be alive for a longer time.


Step 6:

Then add the filter to generate oxygen for the fish. This machine is a handy device to keep the water-dirt free too. Also, you should install the temperature controller and other aquarium components.


Step 7:

And finally, bring your favorite fishes, shrimps, turtles, and other livestock to pour into your newly made aquarium.



What is a self-sustaining fish tank?

A self-sustaining aquarium biosphere is a self-made and easy cleaning aquarium. You can make it to avoid the maintenance hassle of the aquarium.


How many types of self-made aquariums are available?

You will find varieties of aquariums in the market, but Aquaponic, Gravity flow, and three-stage filtering are the popular self-made aquariums.


Why do you need a self-cleaning aquarium?

A self-made and cleaning aquarium is suitable to reduce maintenance hours. Moreover, the products become more durable and you can customize the living quality easily.


Which are essential components for making a self-cleaning aquarium?

To construct a self-cleaning aquarium, you need different types of accessories. But, a tank, tested water, sand, plant, fish, oxygen pump are the required components for making the aquarium.


Why do we need to do water changes?

Fish waste, uneaten food, and bad odor are the core reasons to do water changes. Moreover, it is essential to change the water from the aquarium to avoid the ammonia toxicity that kills the livestock.

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A self-made aquarium is an excellent performer for fish with an aquatic ecosystem. It is also a fruitful performer for plants and other microorganisms. Moreover, it is the best for an easy cleaning procedure to make your life easier. We hope that: How to make a self-cleaning aquarium will meet your purpose throughout the content.


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