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How to make driftwood for an aquarium in 2022? Some easy steps

Are you looking for driftwood for an aquarium? You can get it in two easy ways. You can buy it from aquarium shops and it will be damn expensive. The other way is much easier, you can make one by yourself. How will it happen? How to make driftwood for aquarium? The process, we will discuss with you in this article. 


What is driftwood meaning? It is a remarkable piece of wood for decoration in aquariums and everybody loves to have one for their one. It is a nice place for fishes to mingle around. You will find driftwood pieces in aquarium shops to choose from there. 

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How to make Driftwood For Aquarium (FREE) | DIY Driftwood at home for Free – YouTube


Some easy steps to make a driftwood for aquarium:

There is no need to become worried. The process is easy, and you can make things interesting. This is as easy as 5 steps :

  • Step 1- Grab required type of wood pieces
  • Step 2- Clean the wood
  • Step 3- Soak the driftwood
  • Step 4- Sterilize it in oven
  • Step 5 Finally cut the piece as required. 

In all these 5 steps you can do it better. So, why are we late? Let’s start to elaborate on the issues and step forward. 


So, how do we start. Let’s follow the steps mentioned here.


Step 1 – Grab the required type of wood pieces. 

Driftwood could be in different shapes, so we can choose a piece of wood that will fit in our aquarium. That could be a normal piece or a complicated one. As nice the wood will be, it will look nice in the aquarium, the fishes will play around it. 


So, you look around for a perfect piece of wood that will be the driftwood. Here you can choose a complicated design that will look attractive and the fishes will have fun with it. For safety you can pick more than one wood piece, finally from where you can pick one.


You will find a piece of driftwood for sale. But it is amazing to make your own driftwood for your aquarium. It is covered with your love for the fishes. Driftwood is a necessary decoration for aquariums. 


Step 2- Clean the wood.

Now you can clean the wood with soap or detergent, to move away any kind of dirt. There could be some tough marks on the wood that you need to clean well. Here we will suggest you to use soap or detergent with a brush to clean the piece of wood. You can clean this piece of wood easily. 


Here  cleaning the piece is the main task. We can try our best to remove any unexpected marks. But if there is any permanent mark of woods, we will have to accept that, it will not look odd at all. You have to clean that after soaking too. 


Step 3- Soak the driftwood

Another important step is to soak the wood for some time. You can soak it for 2-3 hours and it will be looking better for our use. Before getting out the wood piece, we need to clean it well and wipe it well. Here one thing we need to keep in mind is that, after soaking the dirt and marks will come out of it. So, we can try another time to clean it properly. 


Now we need to dry it well to use in our aquarium. So, let’s hop to the next step. 


Step 4- Sterilize it in Oven.

The drying process is a little bit critical. You can dry it in the sun but it will take a lot of time. Best you dry it in the oven, at 200 to 300 degree temperature for 10 minutes. On the other hand, the piece of wood that will be sterilized will be safe from any kind of infection and diseases. All the bugs and other living agents will die in the process. 


So, after proper drying and sterilizing the wood piece is ready to make his place in the aquarium. So, let’s keep it finally ready for the task. 


Step 5- Cut the piece as required

Now the driftwood is ready for placing into the aquarium. So, how do we do that? We need to cut that according to the size of the aquarium and place it inside the water. 

So, what’s gonna happen next? Your fishes will get a place to play hide and seek with each other!


You can buy any kind of driftwood from an aquarium shop, but the piece you made for your loving fishes is much better and well planned for them. Now we will discuss some common FAQs here. 


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Some important FAQ


Why is driftwood so expensive?

Generally the driftwood making process is lengthy. Those who make them, dry and wet them again and again to craft it perfectly. So, the price goes high. You can get some free food near the rivers around you. 


Is Driftwood illegal?

From a general sense it is legal but when you are collecting it from nature or beaches, they are for sure illegal. Why? As they balance the natural beauty. So taking them away is not right. It’s best to collect from aquarium shops. 


Where do you find driftwood?

We can find driftwood in two places, in aquarium shops and on beaches & riverbanks. But the problem is you cannot collect from beaches as it harms the natures. It’s better to buy one of these by yourself. 


Do fish like driftwood?

Yes, they love to play around driftwood and it’s a nice piece of decoration too. Not even the fishes, you will also love to have driftwood in your aquarium. 

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Last words

As we have discussed the step by step process to make a driftwood that will decorate your aquarium. The process is easy and you can make one with less efforts. Collecting one is tough and buying one is expensive. So, making one is the best task here. We hope that you will follow our shown steps and enjoy having your own driftwood in the aquarium. 


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