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How to Clean Aquarium Sand in 2022- a step by step guide

Owning an aquarium is a great responsibility to take care of it. Thus, cleaning an aquarium is essential to keep fish, and to look good. Using sand or gravel for subtracting inside the fish tank is a general part of an aquarium. Moreover, the sand and the gravels become dirtier than other elements in the aquarium. But, do you know, How to Clean Aquarium Sand properly? If you do not know, read this article to gather knowledge on cleaning aquarium sand.


Here, you can learn some easy ways of how to clean aquarium gravel. Furthermore, you will know the reason for cleaning dirt and debris by following a schedule. 


The process to clean aquarium sand

An Aquarium looks nice when it is clean, but you need scheduled maintenance to keep it dirt-free. Sand is the initial decoration of your aquarium, and fishes occur over the sand naturally. So, it becomes dirt regularly, and you need to clean it frequently. Follow the next to know how to clean used aquarium sand.


Cutting off the algae 

The easiest way of cleaning your aquarium is removing tee algae from the sand. You can cut the algae off with a knife to detach them from the aquarium wall. You may use soft clothes to remove them from the wall of the aquarium too.


Using fingers

If you do not mind getting your hands wet, this is the simplest way of cleaning aquarium sand vacuums. In this cleaning process, you need to place your hand into the deep sand of the aquarium. Then you can pull the dirt to the top. After completing the task, you can wash your hand to clean it.


Gravel Siphon

The inclusion of a gravel vacuum is one of the easiest ways of cleaning the aquarium sand. You need to insert the device into the aquarium and send it to the nearest areas of sand or gravel. Then, this device will start sucking the dirt and debris from the sand.


Powered Vacuum

If you can not manage a gravel siphon, then use a battery-powered vacuum cleaner. This device will start cleaning by turning on the switch. This device uses a hosepipe to cache all the dirt from the tank sand.


Replacing all Decoration

If you have a little more time to clean your aquarium, try to replace all the decorations from the aquarium. In this process, you need to remove all the decors from the inside of the aquarium first. Then clean them one by one and replace them as per your desired areas.


Changing Water

Replacement of water from the aquarium is an easy way to make your tank clean and clear. Though you need to place your fish in another pot, this is a handy way to clean the tank. So, you can remove all your water and sand from the tank. Then pour water on it after cleaning the inside of the aquarium.


Preparation before cleaning aquarium sand

Before cleaning your aquarium, you need to know about all of your aquarium accessories first. Also, you have to know about the sand type, replacement process, and turning on/off the equipment switches. Thus, we are sharing some tips regarding aquarium sand cleaning.


Know about the sand type

All sand or gravel is not the same and suitable for an aquarium. If you want to replace sand, then know how to clean aquarium substrate first. Or, you can make sure that your aquarium sand is suitable to clean algae.


Turning off the equipment switch

An aquarium does include different types of things such as motors, pumps, heaters, filters, and others. Before cleaning the sand, you have to switch them off first. Otherwise, the mechanism may damage, or your fish will survive to get alive.


Removing plants and decoration

Most of the decoration of aquariums is attractive with plants, gravel, trees, and other lucrative things. You need to remove these components before starting to clean the tank. Thus, you rinse the water for cleaning, and the decoration may damage.


Prepare for the Use of the Vacuum

When you start sinking your siphon into the water, it sucks the dirt from the sand. So, you need preparation to keep the dirty water from outside of the aquarium.


Prepare for water Replacement

Before replacing water from the aquarium, you need to prepare a bucket of fresh water in your hand. You pay to put a few amounts of conditioner inside the bucket to make the water suitable for the aquarium.


A comfortable place

Without an appropriate space for cleaning the aquarium, you will face difficulties cleaning it. Thus, choose the right place for removing dirt from the aquarium, and filling water on it.


You can check this video for better understanding.


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Why do I need to clean my aquarium?

Fish waste, plants, and fish foods are essential for an aquarium. These create dirt and debris inside the aquarium. Thus, the aquarium looks poor with dirt and needs to clean frequently.


How often do I need to clean my aquarium sand?

Depending on your aquarium size and dirtiness, you can make a schedule for it. The cleaning schedule could be weekly or monthly.


Why should I need to remove sand from the aquarium?

To make your aquarium healthy and clean, you need to remove sand from it. But, it is the choice, when you want to remove it from the tank.


How can I clean algae from aquarium sand?

By scraping the algae to the tank you can clean them. Also, by replacing the sand to the aquarium you can clean algae from the tank.



Cleaning aquarium sand is the most important part for an aquarium owner. Moreover, it is one of the core parts of maintaining an aquarium. How to Clean Aquarium Sand, has been written to provide a proper guide for the new owners. We hope that we have delivered an appropriate guide for you through this article. So, make your aquarium healthy and clean to enhance your home’s beautification. 


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