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How to get rid of detritus worms in aquariums

Are you Worried about detritus worms in the aquarium? Do you find the best solutions to get rid of detritus worms? Don’t worry. This article will solve all your worries. By reading this, you will learn how to get rid of detritus worms in aquariums. So, I will tell you in detail about- how to get rid of detritus worms in aquariums? So stay tuned. 


Harmful microorganisms pose a threat to any animal, especially aquatic animals. And if it is for the fish in the aquarium, then there is no limit to the damage. Detritus worms are common harmful microorganisms for aquarium animals, especially fish.


In this case, it would be wise to think about how to get rid of little white worms in the fish tank if you want your aquarium to be healthy. Also, sometimes you can see brown worms in fish tanks that cause even more damage.


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How To Get Rid Of Worms In Fish Tank Aquarium | Detritus & Planaria – YouTube 


How to get rid of detritus worms in aquariums? -best ways to get rid of detritus worms


Occasionally, there can be some tiny white worms in the fish tank. That is why the owners of the fish tank seem to be very worried. Undoubtedly, these worms are harmful and impair the growth of fish and other animals in the fish tank.


But getting rid of these tiny worms from the aquarium can be very tricky. You can clear out the detritus worms by following some methods. But if you want to clear out them completely, follow the guide and know how to get rid of detritus worms in aquariums completely.


So, take a look at some of the best methods to get rid of detritus worms in shrimp tanks or betta tanks. And you can easily as well as safely remove the detritus worms or Planaria worms by applying and following these methods. Let’s begin:


How to get rid of detritus worms in aquariums- detailed process

Change the water and other objects


Whenever you feel the presence of white worms in the fish tank or understand that the infection has occurred, immediately clean the water in your tank. If the water is clean, detritus worms never infest hastily.


It is best to change the water and purify the water before replacing the new water in the tank. If worms affected the fish badly, then separate them for treatment. Remember to check the progress and keep changing the water after every 3 to 4 days.


Carefully remove live plants, gravel or sand, rocks, and anything else from the aquarium. These can become dirty after using them for many days. To clear and make them germ-free, dip them in bleaching mixed water.

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Put aquarium fish that eat detritus worms


If you’re an aquarist, you may know there are some aquarium fish that eat worms. If you enter that kind of fish in the fish tank, they can do a lot to remove the worms. But remember, don’t put large numbers of that fish in the aquarium. You can add some fish if you want to control the infection.


Although Detritus worms are not as harmful, they can infect any fish in the aquarium. Needless to say, if too many worms infect the tank, it will be very harmful to the fish.


Proper maintenance and care


Of course, everything depends on proper care and maintenance. If you take care of the fish and other aquatic plants in your fish tank, you can prevent infestation of Detritus worms. 

To keep the aquarium fish safe and secure, don’t use any houseware pads. Houseware pads leave soap and harmful chemicals that are bad for fish.

You can fix this problem hassle-free by doing proper maintenance and care.


Use algae scraper and water siphon


If the water in the tank is unclean and the leftover food falls into the tank, it is most likely to cause Planaria or Detritus worms. In this case, you should clean the aquarium water and the whole aquarium by using a water siphon.

Or if more algae are born in the tank, this problem is also evident.

In this case, using an algae scraper would be the best decision. Because Algae scraper is a great option to prevent the growth of algae. Also, it can be used to clean the fish tank’s inside.


Use gravel vacuum


The leftover food in the tank helps to grow detritus worms in an aquarium. So if you see any food in the fish tank, remove them by using a gravel vacuum.

Gravel vacuums also help to clear out the detritus worms. When you’re thinking about how to remove the old food or detritus worms without changing the water, you can use a gravel vacuum.


Use a little amount of Hydrogen Peroxide


Hydrogen Peroxide is a little bit extreme. But it is good to use in the aquarium for a small amount. Hydrogen Peroxide kills off the detritus worms and protects the fish tanks from these kinds of worms.

Take 4-5 parts of water with 1-part of hydrogen peroxide. Mix them properly and soak the plants. It is better to clean the gravel with a gravel vacuum or Hydrogen peroxide before changing the fish and other objects in the aquarium.

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Improve your aquarium’s filtration system and feeding practices


To balance the pH level and keep the amount of oxygen right, you need to upgrade your filtration system. In this case, you can use mechanical filters as they are hygienic and easy to maintain. It also helps to reduce detritus worm’s growth and infestation.

Keep in mind that worms can enter your aquarium through the feed.


General FAQs:

How do I keep worms out of my water tank?

The best way to keep away worms like detritus worms or Planaria worms is by changing the water repeatedly. Also, you can use gravel vacuums and chlorine to keep them away.


How do you treat an Anchor Worm in a betta fish?

You can remove the anchor worms from the fish’s skin by cautiously pulling them out. Also, you can put a topical antibiotic ointment in the infected area.


Can fish tank worms infect humans?

Yes, worms like detritus worms are harmful to humans. A survey of Centres for Disease Control in the USA shows that worms can cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and so on.



Detritus worms are harmful to the fish in the fish tanks. To remove them properly, you can follow the pre-guide about how to get rid of detritus worms in aquariums. If you do these things properly, worms can’t infest rapidly.


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