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How to make aquarium decor in 2022

The prerequisite for making your aquarium attractive is to decorate it perfectly and beautifully. Because the beauty and livability of the aquarium largely depend on the arrangement or decorations.  Today I will discuss about how to make aquarium decor to guide you properly. 


There are different types of materials and methods to decorate your aquarium very easily and naturally. In this case, you need to be intelligent and careful enough to complete the decoration.


If you are a hobbyist and want to decorate your aquarium effortlessly, this article is for you. Here you will see the easiest and best ways to create a beautiful aquarium. Most importantly, you can make this on your weekend.


After reading this, you will find the right directions on how to make aquarium decor. Also, you can decorate an aquarium by applying some DIY. There are lots of DIY aquarium ideas available.

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How to make aquarium decor – 8 best and simple ways to do it perfectly


Properly arranging the aquarium is a fantabulous idea for the fish or other aquatic plants in it. But before that, you have to keep one thing in mind. Make sure the materials you use for decorating are safe for the fish and plants.


Right now, there are many ways and fish tank decoration items available to make your aquarium enthralling. In this section, you will know the 8-best ideas on how to make aquarium decor effortlessly.


Also, you can learn how to make fish tanks with household items and which items are inexpensive aquarium decorations items.


So let’s take a look at some homemade aquarium decoration ideas DIY that are fantastic.

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Decor with river rocks and colorful stones

You can use river rocks or stones to decorate your aquarium. There are numerous colorful aquarium decoration stones available.


The natural colored stones greatly enhance the beauty of the aquarium. But choose stones that are not contaminated with any chemical. It is better and safer if you clean the stones well before placing them in the fish tank.


Also, you can use some adhesive with rocks or stone to ensure its tightness. But, before adding this make sure it is safe for fish and plants.


Decor with anchoring plants

Anchoring plants in the aquarium is always best for fish. Because plants not only enhance the beauty of the aquarium but also increase the amount of oxygen.


Needless to say, there is no substitute for supplying adequate oxygen if fish are to survive in water. Also, if you want to increase the amount of oxygen, there can be nothing better than fixing the plants in the fish tank.

You can anchor aquarium plants floating such as java moss, Hornwort, Anubia Nana, Java Fern, and so on.


Decor with household items

The easiest and best way to make your aquarium attractive and habitat are to decorate with household items. In this case, you can use your pre-used ceramic coffee mugs, clay or ceramic pots, plastic toys, and so on.

Or you can make some simple DIY at home using your creativity. Nowadays, you’ll find many articles online where you can find fish tank decoration ideas at home.


Lighting your aquarium

Arranging lighting inside the aquarium is a good idea. Lighting makes the aquarium more beautiful. It is beneficial for algae, corals, plants, and fish in aquariums. Colorful lighting ideas make your aquarium more visually appealing.

Using sand or gravel substrate in the layer

To decor your fish tank, you can use aquarium sand or gravel substrate in the layer. But when you put sand substrate in the bottom, you need to know which aquarium sand is best for a fish tank. Aquarium sand-like Seachem black sand or Aqua Sand is best.

Also, you can use gravel in the aquarium as a layer. It retains various harmful algae and dirt. So, the water in the aquarium stays clean for a long time.


Decor with painted flower pots or ceramic pots

Painted flower pots made with ceramic are great to make your aquarium more appealing. You can make the ceramic flower pot by using clay or you can find it in your home. Ceramic flower pots make a perfect little cave or hiding space for the fish.

But make sure the paint is suitable for the fish and plants. At present, you can find many fish-safe paints online to make aquarium-safe decorations.


Using toy blocks and legos

To make your aquarium decoration fully complete, you can use some legos in it. For making your fish tank more charming, using legos will be a great choice. Also, to create charming and beautiful decoration, try to build a camp for a lego family. Then, you can build an underwater house for the fish.


Also, you can put some live toys in your aquarium to have a little fun.


Prints and Pictures

It is a mistake to assume that it is sorted perfectly after putting something inside the tank. To make the aquarium more beautiful, you can put some water-resistant stickers or printed pictures. By doing this, the fish will happily swim in the aquarium and play among themselves. 

Undoubtedly, this is another eye-catching idea and the immeasurable possibility to decorate the aquarium more beautifully.

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General FAQs

Can I make my own aquarium decorations?

To make aquarium decor complete, you need to be more cautious and tricky. You can make your own aquarium decor by knowing some perfect formulas and methods.


What household items can you use to decorate a fish tank?

There are several household materials to make your decoration perfect and gorgeous. For instance, Clay pots or ceramic pots, coffee mugs, safe plastic toys, pictures and prints, glass, wood (driftwood), etc.


How can I make my fish tank more appealing?

To make your fish tank adorable and captivating, you can put it in some colorful stones or rocks. Also, you can make the landscape under the water. Furthermore, you can use ceramic flower pots to make a little cave or hiding space.



Having a fish tank or an aquarium is important but decorating it is more important. As it enhances the beauty of the aquarium, it is also beneficial for the fish in the fish tank. After reading this, you probably understood how to make aquarium decor by following the 8-best and simple ways.

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