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Aquarium where you can shake hands with otters

It is the most pretty memory for everyone to shake hands with otters. Some parks and zoos give visitors a chance to shake hands with some adorable and amiable animals like otters. If you are looking for the Aquarium where you can shake hands with otters? Then I will share my knowledge about it with you. 


Otters are carnivorous animals or mammals that belong in the subfamily Lutrinae. In many aquariums, otters can be found. They look cute and friendly. It is why many people visit with their whole family to see them and shake hands with them.


There are many otter aquariums in this entire world. Georgia Aquarium is one of the best aquariums where you can shake hands with otters and interact with them. Every year a large number of people visit here to see them. They enjoy shaking hands with otters and gathering otter experience.


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Best aquariums where you can shake hands with otters

You may have extra time or holidays. But don’t you know how you will spend your holiday pleasantly and blissfully?

Well, you can go to the best aquariums like Georgia or Sunshine or Marine park aquarium, where you can shake hands with otters. It gives you and your family members full of fun and fresh memories. Also, you can see many parks and zoos where you can hold otters’ hands.

Here you’ll see the best aquariums where you can visit with your family members to play with otters. Playing with otters or any animals in the parks is amazing.

Now, let’s take a look at some aquariums where otters can be found and you can shake hands with them.


Georgia aquarium

Visit Geroria Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium is the best place if you want to shake hands with otters with your family members. You can see the sea otters in the Georgia aquarium very closely and play with them. You can visit this aquarium with your whole family. Interestingly, Georgia aquarium otters are very adorable and behave well to their guests.

In this aquarium, you can see various kinds of otters, especially sea otters. You can get up close here while a sea otter eats food and you can get a chance to capture this moment. Moreover, you can interact with otters and can enjoy lots of fun here.

The Georgia aquarium provides unique sea otter encounters. Before you shake hands and see live otters, you had better complete the training session first. Surprisingly, the Georgia aquarium provides a trainer to train you before you enter to see the otters.

There are Southern sea otters. They are dangerous animals. But don’t worry, the Georgia aquarium provides all the necessary equipment to survive any harm.

There are also different sea otter habitats including 3-interconnected spaces with 3-different pools. You will only get permission to enter the public pool, which is its main pool. There are also 2 additional pools. If you’re a special guest, you can access here. On the other hand, you can see the scenery staying outside. But remember to buy a ticket before meeting and shaking hands with these adorable sea otters.

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Sunshine Aquarium

Visit Subshine Aquarium

Sunshine Aquarium is located in the capital city of Japan. There are lots of beautiful and attractive places in this city, where you can visit. But right now, people visit there to see the otters. Recently, the Sunshine aquarium offered the visitor a chance to shake hands with its amiable river otters. Many people only visit to hold the otter’s hands and play with them.

Nowadays, these cute river otters greet the public personally by shaking hands with them. This thing attracts more people and encourages them to travel here.

Here people stand in long queues to shake hands with this gentle creature. On Saturday, 100 people were selected by lottery from among a large number of people. The winners of this lottery are the only ones who get a chance to meet the Otters. It is a decent thing and also very interesting.

In the Sunshine aquarium of Tokyo Ikebukuro, Sunshine 60 is one of the tallest buildings where you get all the advantages. The most pretty things are when you meet the river otter and shake your hands with it.


Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine park

Visit Keukyu Aburatsubo

Marine Park is another place to shake hands with cute otters. It is situated in 1082 Koajiro, MisakiMachi, Miura city of Japan. It is an indoor and outdoor leisure center and aquariums. Right now, it offers the visitors to shake hands with otters. There are Asian small-clawed otters available and they are so pretty and adorable.

This park also offers a wide range of exhibits on different animals and plants. Here you can see lots of aquariums including many animals. In addition, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of most Japanese landscapes.

The most eye-catching animal among them is these small otters. Also, there is a chance to touch the otter’s hands. This Marine park allows otters to grab your finger. When the otters grab your finger, you can feel the touchy feelings. Here you can see the Asian small-clawed otters that are small but cute enough.

The main exhibit in the Marine Park is “Otter finger touch, fish catch. Here you can touch your hands with otters and catch various fishes. In this exhibition, there are little holes so that the otters will reach out and grab your finger. To enjoy this otter’s touchy experience, you might pay 500 Yen.


Some Common Queries

Where can I interact with otters?

There are many aquariums and parks where you can interact and play with otters. The best places are the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, North Georgia Zoo and Petting Farm in Georgia, Valley center in California, Virginia Living Museum in Virginia.


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What aquariums have sea otters?

You can find sea otters in the Georgia Aquarium and the Audubon aquarium. Oz and Gracie are two sea otters that belong to the Georgia aquarium. Clara and Ruby are two sea otters that belong to the Audubon aquarium.


Can you hold a sea otter?

Yes, you can. Nowadays, some parks and zoo aquariums allow the otters to touch people’s fingers and shake hands with them. But there are still some restrictions, especially in this Covid-19 situation.



At present, people spend their free time visiting here and there. Maybe you are looking forward to enjoying leisure with your family. In this case, you can visit aquariums where you can shake hands with otters and make your holidays more blissful and enjoyable.


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