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Baltimore aquarium pay what you want: A complete guide

Do you see a large aquarium with so many aquatic animals and fishes? If your answer is not, you can visit the Baltimore aquarium which is also called National Aquarium. You will be amazed to know that, Baltimore aquarium pay what you want?


It is located in Baltimore, Maryland, US. Baltimore aquarium pays what you want where you find a large number of aquatic fauna.


Many of us don’t know what animals live on the bottom of the sea. If you want to know and see, you can visit the Baltimore Aquarium. Here you will also see large Whales from small Jellyfish.


You only need to book or buy a ticket to enjoy the beauty of the Baltimore aquarium. The Baltimore aquarium tickets prices halved on weekends, especially on Fridays.

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How does the Baltimore Aquarium pay what you want? -The best place to visit


Baltimore aquarium is a National Aquarium where many people visit every year. There are lots of facilities that inspire people to visit here and receive the best experience. This national aquarium has some eye-catching exhibits.


In this Baltimore aquarium, you see more than thousands of species. This aquarium has colorful aquatic animals such as sharks, dolphins, exotic fish. Also, there are a lot of plants and animals from different species and families. Undoubtedly, this Baltimore aquarium pays what you want.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, this National aquarium gives some restrictions that are called Baltimore aquarium covid restrictions. Guests who are not  need to wear a face mask while inside the aquarium. 

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Admissions and Ticket sales


To visit and see the exhibitions and galleries you need to purchase a ticket. You will need to choose your admission schedule as your preference. And then you should buy tickets from the ticket counter. The tickets for Baltimore aquarium pay what you want 2021 will be available on-site at the ticket counter on this special event.

As it is a non-profitable public aquarium, the ticket is highly demandable. That’s why the tickets are not available online.


Usually, the National Aquarium ticket prices are:


  • For Adults: $39.95
  • For Children (3-11): $24.95
  • For Seniors (65+): $34.95
  • Children of 2 years old and under 2 are free


The Baltimore aquarium tickets discount offer will be available on a pay what you want day. You can access the aquarium on working days (Saturday to Thursday) from 10 a.m to 5 p.m and on Fridays from 9 a.m to 8 p.m. And, you can stay in the aquarium for about 90 minutes.


If you need more information about admissions and tickets, you can visit the Baltimore aquarium website. Here you will get the Baltimore aquarium phone number there.


Parking Facilities


The parking facilities of the aquarium are like a breeze. There are two official parking garages available. One is -Parkway Lockwood parking, and the rest is LAZ Inner Garage. You can validate and purchase your parking tickets with discount rates.




In the Pier 3 pavilion, there are five levels or floors. At each level, you will see different kinds of animals and plants. You can access all floors using escalators and elevators. The buildings consist of two large tanks which contain several things. The first tank has the Atlantic Coral reef when the other simulates the open ocean.

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Floor-1: Blacktip Reef


On this floor, you can see different kinds of marine mammals exhibit. Here you can see CowNose rays, southern stingrays, roughtail stingrays, 2-zebra sharks, and Calypso turtles. Here you find 65-70 species such as indo-pacific reef coral. Also, the largest animal in this pier 3-pavilion is Calypso. 


Floor-2: Maryland: Mountains to the Sea


Here you find the animals that are familiar to Maryland. At this level, the featured animals include wood turtle, painted turtle, American bullfrog, and rosy side dace.


Floor-3: Surviving Through Adaptation, Living Seashore


At this level, you will see fish that possess adaptations. There is a large bowl that contains 5,331-US-gallons of water. Here you see fishes that live in the middle of the ocean. The included fishes are electric eel, chambered nautilus, and giant octopus.


You can interact and play with the animals. Also, you can see various kinds of fish in the seashore in two different touch pools. These all animals are found in the Seashore.


Floor-4: Sea Cliffs, Kelp forest, Pacific Coral reef, Amazon River Forest


This level is enthralling and attractive. Because it is full of different kinds of aquatic habitats. Here you can see some exhibits like the sea cliffs, a pacific coral reef, and an amazon river forest. When you get into this floor, you feel the charm and experience the best feelings after seeing these animals.


Floor-5: Upland Tropical RainForest, Hidden life


This floor displays reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods. Here you can see animals like Golden lion tamarin, Sunbittern, Yellow-headed Amazon, and so on.


There is also a sector of Jellies Invasion in the Pier 4 Pavilion building that exhibits 9 different types of Jellyfish.


General FAQs:


How much does it cost to get into the Baltimore Aquarium?


The cost of admission varies from child to seniors. Usually, the Baltimore aquarium admission prices are; 39.95 Dollars for adults, 24.95 Dollars for children, and 34.95 Dollars for seniors.


Is the Baltimore Aquarium worth it?


The Baltimore aquarium is one of the best and attractive aquariums in the world. It is a National aquarium where you can see all kinds of animals and plants. Every year, many people like to visit here to see the various species. That makes your trip memorable and worthy.


Does the Baltimore Aquarium have a AAA discount?


Yes, the Baltimore aquarium authority offers special ticket pricing for AAA members. In addition, they reduce half of the ticket price on Fridays.

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If you want to see the animals and plants at the bottom of the ocean, your trip will be great. Undoubtedly, the Baltimore aquarium pays what you want. Because there you get all the benefits. This National aquarium has accommodation facilities, parking facilities for their guests.


There is no substitute for traveling to the Baltimore Aquarium to have a satisfying and joyful experience. Because the Baltimore Aquarium pays what you want every single day to its guests.


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